Gallery Maulberger was founded in 1984 from the passion for art collecting that Hans Maulberger has had ever since he was 25 years old. For 21 years the gallery has been located in Munich’s Brienner Street 7, right in the heart of the city. After dealing with impressionism, expressionism, abstract art and art informal, in 2006 his enthusiasm for non-figurative art brought the gallery focus on national and international tachisme and ZERO. Today Maulberger is one of the leading galleries for abstract expressionism. In this context one of the gallery’s focuses lays on the German groups ‘Zen 49’, ‘Quadriga’ and ZERO.

Maulberger seeks to present the variety of the avant-garde after WW II by showing exhibitions with constantly changing subjects. Recorded in art historical catalogues, these are to support both scientific research and mediation of this unique epoch period in art. Therefore, amongst other things, monographs were published on Hubert Berke, Rolf Cavael, Karl Otto Götz, Emil Schumacher, K. R. H. Sonderborg, Hans Staudacher, Fred Thieler, Conrad Westpfahl, Heinrich Wildemann and Fritz Winter.

Our Main Points of Focus are

Art After '45
Art Informal

Special Activities of the Gallery

4 - 6 exhibitions per year
(individual and group exhibits, thematic exhibits)

Participation in the West German Art Fair
the International Art Fair Art Karlsruhe