Art exhibitions 2009 : Invitation to the art exhibition


International art trade and collectors meet in Munich

Thursday, 15 October 2009 to Sunday, 18 October 2009

Munich Highlights

Many developments in contemporary art would not have been possible without the achievements of abstract art and tachisme which extended the general concept of art as well as our perception as viewers.
During “Munich Highlights”, Gallery Maulberger aims to emphasize this relationship and presents the avant-garde of the fifties and sixties. Among the artists exhibited are international personalities, Hans Hartung, Serge Poliakoff, Jean-Paul Riopelle or Gérard Schneider as well as important German names, Fritz Winter, Fred Thieler, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Karl Otto Götz and Willi Baumeister.
Baumeister’s “Montaru” series epitomises the strength and desire of a generation which continued working against all odds because of what Kandinsky called the “inner need” to create.

Since 1984 Gallery Maulberger, has presented the variety of non-figurative art by showing exhibitions with changing emphases to the non-figurative. Gallery Maulberger has published art historical catalogues which want to support both understanding and scientific research of this unique epoch in art, i.e. „Zen 49“, „Informelle Tendenzen“, „Abstrakte Welten“, „German Action“ as well as monographs on Rolf Cavael, Emil Schumacher, Conrad Westpfahl or Fritz Winter.